projective analysis

прогн. проективный анализ

Англо-русский словарь по исследованиям и ноу-хау. . 2015.

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  • Projective geometry — is a non metrical form of geometry, notable for its principle of duality. Projective geometry grew out of the principles of perspective art established during the Renaissance period, and was first systematically developed by Desargues in the 17th …   Wikipedia

  • Projective transformation — A projective transformation is a transformation used in projective geometry: it is the composition of a pair of perspective projections. It describes what happens to the perceived positions of observed objects when the point of view of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Projective line — In mathematics, a projective line is a one dimensional projective space. The projective line over a field K , denoted P1( K ), may be defined as the set of one dimensional subspaces of the two dimensional vector space K 2 (it does carry other… …   Wikipedia

  • Projective test — A projective test, in psychology, is a personality test designed to let a person respond to ambiguous stimuli, presumably revealing hidden emotions and internal conflicts. This is different from an objective test in which responses are analyzed… …   Wikipedia

  • Projective representation — In the mathematical field of representation theory, a projective representation of a group G on a vector space V over a field F is a group homomorphism from G to :PGL( V ,F) = GL( V ,F)/F lowast; where GL( V ,F) is the automorphism group of… …   Wikipedia

  • projective tests — A type of test, primarily used by psychologists in clinical contexts, designed to measure overall personality dynamics rather than discrete personality traits or dimensions. The tests involve presenting subjects with a relatively unstructured… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • analysis — Synonyms and related words: Baconian method, Boolean algebra, Euclidean geometry, Fourier analysis, Lagrangian function, a fortiori reasoning, a posteriori reasoning, a priori reasoning, abstraction, accounting, airing, algebra, algebraic… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • Real projective line — In real analysis, the real projective line (also called the one point compactification of the real line, or the projectively extended real numbers ), is the set mathbb{R}cup{infty}, also denoted by widehat{mathbb{R and by mathbb{R}P^1.The symbol… …   Wikipedia

  • Fake projective plane — For Freedman s example of a non smoothable manifold with the same homotopy type as the complex projective plane, see 4 manifold. In mathematics, a fake projective plane (or Mumford surface) is one of the 50 complex algebraic surfaces that have… …   Wikipedia

  • Socio-Analysis — is the activity of exploration, consultancy, and action research which combines and synthesises methodologies and theories derived from psychoanalysis, group relations, social systems thinking, organisational behaviour, and social dreaming [Bain… …   Wikipedia

  • Деперсонализация —    опыт лиминальности как метафизический опыт свободы. Человек является носителем свободы духовного начала, не врожденного генетически, добытийного и сверхбытийного, открывающегося в небытие. Именно эта открытость небытию и отличает человека от… …   Проективный философский словарь


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